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Hi my names Amandeep and I go to Wilsthorpe school in Long Eaton (Nottingham, uk) and my website tells you about what my likes and dislikes.

One of the main things that my website is about is bollywood. I know that many people say that bollywood is boring and typical but I think that itís changing everyday. More about that later. You can also find the daily gossip on the bollywood and Hollywood stars. I will tell you about the soaps that I think are the best and keep you updated about whatís happening on them. I will give you links to other sites where you can watch and listen to the best songs and movies.

The movies I tell you about might have emraan hashmi in them as I think he is the best actor at the moment. I hated him the first time when I saw him in murder but I couldnít avoid the guy. He was on the Indian music channels every second. I had to admit all the songs in his movies were great. Then I started watching his movies for the songs and his movies arenít all about girl boy fall in love and have family problems so I started to think he wasnít a bad actor. Itís surprising that heís my favourite actor because when I was younger my favourite actor was rishie kapoor. Then the list went on with Salman Khan, Hrthetik Roshan, Akhsay Kumar and now Emraan Hashmi. Iíve never hated Shahrukh Khan but after watching Kank I might have changed my mind. More stories on all of these things later.

I need to tell you that my favourite TV series is friends Iíve never missed any episodes. This website is open to anyoneís views so after going on this website please feel free to write your comments about any article youíve read or anything you think I should include on this site. Go ahead and look through the site and enjoy.


Will Smith Bollywood
Will Smith getting jiggy at Indian Idol 2.

Will Smith with the contestants.

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